The Official Kua ‘Aina Burger Challenge Rules

Are you ready for this?

Pffft… doesn’t look much, right?


Rule 1: You have 15 minutes to complete the challenge, which will be timed and verified by a Kua ‘Aina staff member.


Rule 2: The Kua ‘Aina Burger challenge consists of:
1 x Da Big Kahuna Burger;
1 x large skin-on-fries; and
1 x milkshake (any flavour)


Rule 3: Only available at our Goodge Street restaurant Sun-Thu 2-7pm. Please book in advance by emailing


Rule 4: You may not leave the table; no bathroom breaks allowed.


Rule 5: Tap water will be provided; you may purchase any other drink if you wish.


Rule 6: You must have eaten and swallowed the entire challenge within the time.


Rule 7: Friends are allowed to watch you; no touching, feeding or helping out.


Rule 8: If you fail to complete the challenge you will be charged the £25 cost of the challenge.  If you succeed, you are a true hero & you pay nothing.


Rule 9: If you wear a Hawaiian shirt while doing the challenge you get two extra minutes.


Rule 10: Whether you succeed or fail, you agree to your photo being taken and displayed on our Wall of Fame or Wall of Shame (as appropriate!).


Rule 11: In the event of any dispute, DaBigChief’s decision is absolutely final!


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