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Serving great food and giving great service is what we focus on most.  Our burgers are 100% beef, fresh from our butcher, made to our own recipe from premium cuts of rib and hand-pressed in two sizes.  They contain no fillers, rusk or preservatives.
We season our burgers and sandwich fillings with our homemade marinades and seasonings and cook everything to your order on our hot lava grills.
Our semi-brioche seeded buns and artisan breads are freshly baked for us by a Michelin-starred chef seven days a week.
We’re always happy to talk about our food, so if you have any questions (apart from what’s in Da’ Secret Salt!), get in touch or ask for Da Big Chief in store!
*Allergens or dietary requirement: you can find the allergens information of our menu HERE. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to ask further about any potential allergens or dietary requirements you may have.